There seems to be a bit of confusion about the new "series" I started with the "HATS" post recently. I received a comment wanting to know why I didn't "critique" the model and her position ("horse is in front of the bit and the headset is not correct...what about that?"). 

The "HATS" post was strictly about the correct position of the western "hat" in western pleasure, western riding and trail classes...not about the rest of the doll, the tack or the horse. This series is not about critiquing an entire set-up at's about taking it apart and scrutinizing each "part" in order to  make the entire set-up better. I hope to address the rest of the doll, the tack and the horse in this continuing series.

(The girls "line-dancing" in the picture were some of the original dolls "I" made many, MANY years ago. They are cute (and one of them won at NAN)...but I'm not in the same league as Joan Yount and Keri Parker. But...considering I had never sewn a stitch when I decided to try dressing them...they're not half-bad :)) Their hats and hair are OK for line-dancing...but would need some "tweaking" for riding/showing!!
Katie Claggett
10/3/2013 09:26:31 am

Awesome! I love this blog! It's such a help!! Thanks for all the tips!

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